corona virus in the office

Corona Killed the Office

Here I was in my kitchen on my laptop, shorts and a t-shirt listening to the PM of St. Lucia talk from his deck in his t-shirt and shorts on a zoom meeting. At that moment, I realized the office is dead. All hail the new efficiency All hail vastly reduced corporate G&A All hail shorts and old t-shirts Death to business travel, ironing suits with hotel irons for 7am breakfast meetings Spiral interfloor staircases Paid parking spots and hour plus commutes Crappy office cappuccino makers and florescent lighting Being too hot or too cold Shoes that hurt And all that goddamn wasted time chatting From our¬† socially distanced masked faces and permanent Plexiglas barriers, we will remake the world with floor arrows guiding us to a new age, the age of efficiency. When the fog from wearing our masks too long starts to lift, CEOs and their CFOs will be left scratching their heads surprised they hit … Read more