Calgary Overpass rebar fail

Fixing Canada’s Infrastructure With Volcanoes

Above: close up of a failed rebar on a bridge overpass in Calgary Canada’s infrastructure is failing and Canadians need to re-think the future. The problem with modern approaches to infrastructure is the constant need for maintenance, renovation and replacement. It could be that the RFP, lowest bidder process and lack of true building material knowledge is to blame. The current short term solutions approach taken to long term assets is expensive, environmentally costly- a better way can taken. The basis for modern life is concrete. Modern concrete is made from Portland Cement recipe and it has a usable outdoor life of 20 years. When the time comes to demolish these unsound structures, the dust generated contributes to air pollution. Also problematic is the manufacturing process. Portland Cement is responsible for 5% to 7% of the man made CO2 gas worldwide. The emissions are so high because of the heat (1,500C) needed to make to make the curing mineral, Alite harden … Read more