Calgary urban sprawl

Killing Us: Urban Sprawl

Urban Sprawl is killing us early, keeping us unhappy and costing municipalities tens billions. Here are some ideas to help stimulate a conversation. On the table is huge savings in energy and the elimination of unnecessary infrastructure. Smart city planning can even a double the wage of the average person. PROPERTY TAX BREAKS Counterintuitive, but strategic in the long term. In the mid 1800’s, Paris innovated with tax breaks for beautiful architecture. The city held annual competitions that exempted the six best projects from city taxes. By doing this they created a infrastructure of skilled labor, and architectural innovation for building owners looking to save money. The cost of the tax breaks offset the increased skilled labour needed to build such buildings. The finished buildings also raised area market values. Thus raising the bar for “everyday” buildings to become better looking. Winning buildings benefited by being able to charge a higher rent. They garnered a higher sale valuation because of the tax break and prestige of the building. Tenants got a prestigious building to … Read more