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Alberta’s New Renewable Energy Incentives a Template

All stick no carrot With the new carbon tax rained down upon the Alberta populous, the new NDP Notley government needs less stick and more carrot. The party needs to realize, that new taxes in a recession is not the way to go, especially when the impact is directly upon the general public. Alberta is terminally dependent on the incineration of coal for 55% of its energy needs and has no hard plan to replace this. If the new provincial government wants real energy diversity and change they need an incentive program. The new provincial climate change policy announcing a pledge, not legislation to eliminate coal-fired plants by 2030. This is too far away, not realistic, and is typical of parties that are seeking soundbites.  BUT with an actual incentive program, one whose duration is short at 4 years could get us 20% of the way along. A program like this is long enough to know if it’s working, short enough to be … Read more