We are careful and patient and never need to jump into an investment to generate fees. This is why we own other businesses, to not come from a place of need.

A Trebuchet Fund start by looking a real estate sector historical growth and potential future growth. We look at obstacles and bigger trends within that sector. From there we asses if the sector looks promising. If it does, we look at where we can can improve the assets and the trends with the tenants or buyers. We look carefully at the competition to see if there is fragmentation and at what asset values. We study market entry carefully, arbitraging countries, states, taxes, and legal structuring to give the best possible foundation. We then use are digital marketing and local area databases to find the best locations and sellers. We look at areas where our land acquisitions can significantly grow, thereby generating superior returns for the investors.

The investment group is comprised of local agents, contractors, lawyers and retired municipal officials with long memories and extensive contacts. Working in close collaboration with the due diligence group we can have insight to future zoning changes, land erosion issues and purchase off market assets that are not available to other buyers. They do this in close collaboration with our executives, who bring decades of hands-on multi sector operating experience to bear on all our investment decisions. This is then run, through our investor committee board to truly align interest. Our Digital practice (composed of executives and specialists who also have roles in our sector groups, and due diligence group) makes sure that all the real estate fund assets have meaningful online benefit from the deep operational and online marketing capability Trebuchet has gained in this area. Finally, the underwriting of existing and new real estate investments are improved through the Capital Markets group.

Success is not owned, it’s leased, and rent is due every day

JJ Watt

The Trifecta real estate fund is focused on building new residential in the South Florida area.
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