Tower Cement

Founded to address the need of clean, low carbon cement and concrete masonry blocks

Trebuchet Homes

Home builder focused on affordable luxury market in South Florida

Bos Contracting

General Contractor for with concentration on multifamily & planned community development

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The Mas Clinic

Clinic addressing male endocrine, cardiovascular health


The core idea of our business platforms is to build up a working foundation. When done this way Trebuchet is able to consider many options.
We can:

  • Vertically integrate to lower building costs within our real estate funds
  • Organically grow the company and diversify revenue sources
  • Use the company as a base for an acquisition
  • Use all companies as a shared knowledge pool to enhance all the businesses and real estate funds
  • Can exit and sell the business

What We Learned, Where We Are Going

Tower Cement: Cement plants are under attack with legislation. It is quite hidden from the public how dirty they are not with the CO2, but with lead, mercury, and other toxic chemicals when producing cement. We are continuing to research and commercialize a long lasting cement, that has lower toxicities and uses less energy to produce . While we start in on costing for plant automation, find acquisition targets. A near term target of ours is a small factory producing concrete masonry unit (CMU) blocks for building in South Florida.

Trebuchet Homes: Custom home builders are a fragmentated market, and hyperlocal. Most custom home builders build spec homes and offer limited customizations. Most builders are 1st generation and only build a home or 2 a year. We had our own ideas based on our home building experience. Our 2020 market research told us about: buyers changing needs, high margin add-ons and upgrades in custom homes, demographics, marketing, typical hang-ups and margin killers most builders experience, and how high quality homes are constructed.

Bos Contracting: Commercial contractors are competitive and use existing relationships to gain new business. Business owners are retiring at an all time high in America. For commercial building entry we envision leveraging Trebuchet Homes revenue base to build the business to a self sustaining level, and seek an appropriate target to acquire at that time.

The Mas Clinic: A hidden epidemic is occurring in men, stemming from overly processed food, plastics, pharmaceuticals, lack of exercise and genetic issues, resulting in unbalanced hormones. This is responsible for lowering the quality of life and shortening the lifespan. In looking at this sector we decided to enter into a digital marketing campaign to build a list. The lead list is then sold to a qualified endocrine specialist in Canada because of the health care system. In America, we will take patients directly. From this, we have learned an extensive amount in digital marketing, from this success, we apply these wins to our businesses, funds and real estate marketing for pre-sales.

Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.

Peter Drucker

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