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Roundtable Fund Highlights

This Fund is for investors who want an alternative consistent yield, who are dissatisfied with low yield, expensive, high volatility investments-

This fund is an institutional quality fund, that holds physical property
And unlike other REITs, funds, or ETFs, this fund gives back all mgt. fees, expenses, plus principal, preferred return, and profit sharing at windup.

LA Industrial Class A & B buildings

Class A warehouse


  • LA industrial real estate vacancy is at a 17 year low, (0.9%)
  • Rents keep rising double USA GDP per year, and have done so since 2013. 5% a year.
  • LA industrial is constrained by water, mountains and industrial is being taken away because residential is fetching higher land values
  • 2 billion sq. feet of real estate, primary market, largest port in America, LA GDP outperforming US
  • E-commerce warehouses need 3 times the space that traditional retailers do
  • Unlike Canada, large institutional buyers sell and JV with SMBs
  • Trebuchet’s Proprietary acquisition network in place.  full deployment expected within 5 months of retail offering close.


Retail Highlights

Retail Offering

  • $35m USD
  • $25,000 USD minimum investment
  • 5 year fund length
  • 9.5% accumulated LP units
  • 80% Profit Share at windup
  • 2% Management fee, 20% profit share
  • All management fees, fund overhead & expenses back to investors at windup
  • Independent majority board of directors on property holding companies
  • Strict Governance: LP investment committee comprised of Large Institutional Investors

Institutional Highlights

Institutional Offering

  • $15m USD, additional $80m USD to total $95m with optional <$120m in senior mortgage debt
  • 5 year fund length
  • $1.5m USD minimum investment
  • Co-Investor, same class/rights as retail
  • Standard Leveraged offshore Blocker, Delaware LP
  • Core to Core plus, with <25% value add strategy
  • Acquiring class A & B industrial buildings, with some Class C being repositioning to office/retail
  • Capital call of 10% of commitment on retail offering close, then called as required
  • 9.5% accumulated return on LP units
  • 0% Management fee, no placement fees
  • 100% profit share at windup
  • All fund overhead & expenses back to LPs at windup
  • Independent majority board of directors on property holding companies
  • LP investment committee comprised of Institutional Investors
  • 36 month independent valuations GIPS & ILPA standard reporting
  • Cortland fund administrator, yardi investor portal

Class A

Class A warehouse

Class B

Class B Industrial

Class C repositioning

Highlights 1

Class B value adds- Solar

Solar Solar

Class B value adds- Renovation

Highlights 2 Solar

Class B value adds- LED Lighting

LED lighting Solar

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