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Trebuchet Foundation Architecture Award

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The Trebuchet Foundation’s architecture award annually recognizes outstanding residential buildings from the architects who designed them and the clients that were instrumental in commissioning them

Buildings throughout the ages act as a mirror to reflect our values, our culture how we see ourselves in history. This architecture award is recognizes with authority the creators that have diligently worked to take from imagination to reality. These buildings will be of a design that endures time and generations, influences the inhabitances and the community in which they are built.

Great architecture as always faced challenges. More than ever with these challenging times, home buyers are looking for solace to a increasingly unstable world. The buyers needs are changing and interior design is tailoring their offerings to adjust. We believe a home should be many things and one of them is safety from the outside world. Quality materials and intelligent design should withstand season changes as well market changes. Guided by these sensibilities, the Trebuchet Foundation seeks out these visionary architects to recognize and award their contribution. The foundation also acknowledges the clients behind these projects. Unlike commercial real estate, residential is, at its heart emotional. The architectural award acknowledges the home buyers personal risk, financial commitment to a vision, and seeks to honor them in those times were projects do not always go on time or on budget. This is for the home buyers to seeing the project through to completion.

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“This bestowment will have positive effects on the values of the award winning homes”

Why this works

We don’t have to go across the world to find exceptional design. This award is limited to homes and architects located in the United States and Canada.  Like our innovate funds, we are leading in giving with much better prizes in architecture than even other awards that have been around for decades.

We cannot accept unbuilt projects, but we do recognize unbuilt renders in our Best Virtual rendering award. Trebuchet looks to honor timeless design and the people who undertook the risk to build it.

Details of the Award


  • Full branding for corporate sponsors of the physical event and online.
  • Heightened branding opportunity to attract new talent and clients
  • Turnkey- Trebuchet Foundation does all the work
  • New media strategies, digital marketing, advertising.
  • Prestigious award ceremony table
  • Increase awareness to your customers of the influence of architecture and good design
  • Ability to participate in a event relevant to your business

Applicants, Architects and Clients:

  • Open to new residential buildings for townhomes/duplexes, and single family homes
  • Work(s) judged by panel of critical acclaim by our distinguished panel of judges
  • Architects can apply directly or Clients can nominate their home
  • Year-long coverage on the Trebuchet website
  • Award is a solid gold medal and a cash prize
  • 4 architecture awards to be given, for entries by the architect and entries by the home owner in the townhome/duplex category and in the single family category
  • 2 award trophies to the best virtual renderings in townhome/duplex category and in the single family category

Now accepting Architecture Award Applicants