Independent Director

Trebuchet Capital Partners

Los Angeles
Posted 5 months ago

We have an opening for an independent director on our LA based industrial private equity real estate fund. This role can lead to other roles in separate funds.
This is a low touch role, comprising 2 committees, and uses majority policy only style governance structure. Board sits on the LP holding company. There is a LP investment committee board.

You have an executive background and understand the eccentricities of American private equity real estate finance. Able to demonstrate previous corporate board governance situations. Financially literate is able to demonstrate understanding of valuation metrics in REPE, RE or in Real Estate funds or REITs. Firm comprehension of private equity real estate structures and one board per fund offering vs singular corporate structure with board is essential. The current board of directors (4) is conversant industrial real estate and valuation.
Communicative, you excel at asking the big questions, and can keep the focus on high level issues to keep meetings moving along.  NACD members welcome.


Preferred experience realms

  • Previous for profit board experience on a real estate or REPE firm
  • Executive office, board of director level, and or senior level real estate experience
  • One or more of: private equity real estate, private RE investment fund, life insurance, pension, commercial real estate, fixed asset business, public company
  • Open to US citizens only



  • 4 full board of directors meetings a year with a one year advanced director notice from Trebuchet (mainly teleconference)
  • 1 Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the entire board of directors should be physically present in Los Angeles
  • 1 short telephone/email or in person conversation (lunch) with Chairman prior to quarterly board meetings or investment
    committee meetings
  • Board committee meetings (Audit and Investment) via telephone, email or in person
  • Directors on the board will be expected to commit to approximately 20-25 hours a year at board room meetings
  • Short term investment no less than minimum investment size

Compensation Per Fund or Offering:

$28,500 per year base salary
$1500 per in person for AGM, plus travel expenses
$3500 year for Chair on Audit committee, $3500 for Chair of Investment committee
Ability to purchase any investment funds/bonds at cost
Generous profit share from General Partner’s carried interest

What Trebuchet brings

You will be joined by other seasoned executives, that know time is valuable and focus is key. To facilitate this, we use Carver
style policy buckets to blend with traditional governance to create a highly efficient, high functioning policy board.
All board charters already created to expedite board meetings.

To keep board meetings interesting, every effort has been made to streamline.  Electronic only reporting, using directorpoint that works with a browser or Ipad.
Yardi is used for the investor portal and property management.
Trebuchet understands that great companies can only function with great directors. We are deeply committed to
having a productive, fun & unified board that is invested in positive returns to our investors.

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