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Are REITs Relevant? 1

Are REITs Relevant?

Created in the USA during the Eisenhower era, REITs have dominated real estate investment capital and in the past have returned healthy yields. Unchanged, they were introduced to Canada in the early 90’s and have flourished in popularity.…
Entering Alberta’s new dark age? 2

Entering Alberta’s new dark age?

Blown out of the water after 40 years, the Progressive Conservative (PC) party was tried, found guilty and hung from the neck until dead. Their atrocious track record of mismanaging opportunities and funds have come to an end. But is the devil…
Private Equity Real Estate

Careers Open Vacancies- Analyst

Analyst Vacancy (Calgary) Trebuchet Capital Partners (“Trebuchet”) a private equity real estate firm is seeking an Analyst for its family of funds. We are looking for talented candidates with two to three years of real estate experience.…