New Portfolio Company Tower Cement


Tower Cement will add a necessary research component to our current portfolio. We want a smarter type of cement. Tower Cement aims to create commercially viable, extremely long lasting, strong and cleaner cement than what is currently available.

“Many market forces are coming into play with concrete. It’s a huge part of modern life,” said Erik Bos, Managing Partner, Trebuchet Capital Partners. “With California implementing the 2006 bill AB 32 to reduce statewide emissions of greenhouse gases to 1990 levels by 2020, California is placing a huge burden on the cement industry. Some plants may even have to shut down as a result. With this much at stake and so much to gain, Trebuchet couldn’t pass up the opportunity to research and implement a better kind of concrete.” 

Tower Concrete seeks to research and patent new cement technologies to supply Trebuchet Capital Partners and the broader market with their concrete needs. The company will also continue to seek IP and market leaders to add to its family of construction specialty companies.

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