Investment Opportunities

New partnerships new opportunities to grow

Sometimes synergies between new partners, new associations can create projects and opportunities larger than what any individual firm can accomplish in Private Equity Real Estate. We are open to USA and Canadian based partnerships for co-investment and Joint Venture opportunities with builders, developers, single tenant, private equity firms, real estate funds, pension funds, life insurance companies, and financial institutions.

These ventures customarily hold a specific characteristic (for example size, geography, or risk profile) that can’t be borne completely by the sponsoring Trebuchet fund. Allowing other investors who are pursuing specific investment objectives to profit from our broad scope of transaction sourcing.

Co-Investment Partners

In response to the needs of private equity real estate participants, Trebuchet Capital Partners has established co-investment guidelines who are looking to invest capital alongside us in the high-quality assets. These investments may be available as a result of size, variation or concentration issues, but represent opportunities to create value. We only have room for a number current partners that can  take advantage of these co-investment opportunities when they arise.

Trebuchet is responsible for the acquisition, due diligence, and all day-to-day management of the investment portfolio. All these
co-investments can give partner organizations entry to a more varied pool of prospects, and permit its associates to concentrate on certain investments whilst continuing to work on singular investment strategies, using our group of experts.

Joint Ventures

Trebuchet Capital Partners can establish joint ventures together with investors who are not an existing investor within the company’s current funds. Because of its wide access to off market properties, Trebuchet can secure a variety of investment assets within various classes that requires additional capital than what has been allocated for investment within a particular fund. Trebuchet, in combination with offering its potential partners a co-investment opportunity, has the ability find potential joint venture capital for those co-sponsors seeking to invest in high quality, opportunities.

In these joint ventures, Trebuchet accounts for the co-purchase, due diligence, and all day-to-day control over the property portfolio. Within these joint ventures, we give the partner usage of an increasingly diversified pool of deal flow, and allow non-fund investors to target certain investments while working with a group of experienced professionals.

We encourage new relationships, and are open to Co-investments and Joint Ventures (JVs) with public or private partners, tell us a bit about what you are proposing.

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