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 Manufacturing & Industrial Grants

Grants 1

The majority of current corporate social programs are too diluted and are a mere token, a nod to philanthropy. 

This only serves to discount the integrity of the organization, the investors and most certainly fails the people and cause they are trying to help.

Inch deep, mile wide social responsibility is prevalent. Lasting and meaningful change is only what a handful of organizations in the world are doing and it doesn’t just depend on dollar amounts. We think organizations should concentrate charitable efforts within their industry. When CEOs start trying to dictate laws of foreign jurisdictions, or spend time way outside their industry with philanthropic efforts that don’t effect them, we think this is dilution of time and company energy. Harvard article here.

The more pressing issues facing American businesses is trade deficits, budgets, taxes, automation and competitiveness. These forces are taking jobs and dragging the overall economy down that is +70% made from consumer spending (consumption). This is very unhealthy for America and is a direct threat on social & economic stability.

The forestry sector has a good idea, their product is lumber, so they plant trees to replace the ones they made into lumber to sell. No one questions this, because it makes sense. Silicon valley follows a similar model, with venture capital investments in tech. We call for all businesses and government to help invest in their business sector. The goal being to innovate in order to strengthen industry to foreign competition. We need government help to construct new trade deals* that favor local companies not foreign ones.

We are facing challenging times. With trade deficits, a slipping middle class, older demographics and automation, these factors will change the face of the country. Its estimated that automation will, in the next 20 years take 47% of all jobs. It is even estimated that 58% of financial advisers will be replaced by robots and AI in the next 10 years. As we approach the crest of massive changes in the economy, social dynamics, and entire political structure change it is more important than ever to invest in jobs, research and small business.
We cannot stand in the way of progress and innovation so we have to work with it.

This means building now, for the future. Having money well invested, planting those seeds of innovation so that these forces will not further erode our social equality.
This is what we call self-centered giving.

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Slingshot Programme

Our Solution

Make a meaningful, substantial and concentrated difference to select companies in your backyard. Simple. This creates jobs and strengthens the backbone of the economy.
To show our commitment, 10% of all our management fees we earn goes to the Trebuchet Foundation.
Our private foundation was built to make these targeted contributions via the Slingshot Programme.

More than just a rent subsidy, this “Slingshot”, propels small and medium business owners in the Industrial & Manufacturing sectors to compete locally and in some cases globally.  Each selected applicant will be put through the 2 year program and will focus on training CEOs of these companies to plan, communicate & grow to the next level.

9.9%: of all small businesses are in Manufacturing, Transportation/warehousing, import/export & wholesaling

Small and large businesses are symbiotic. When small businesses grow, they contribute, not just in GDP growth but as a knowledge repository. As innovators. As instigators of positive disruptive change. Large businesses regularly consolidate these small & medium sized businesses (SMB). Routinely, small business can outperform larger peers relative to capital employed and have some the strongest per employee productivity. The problem in Canada and all resource based economies, is that capital is concentrated on resource based business, other sectors are totally ignored, and access to capital is non-existent.

CEO manufacturing company

It is vital that government and enterprise encourage entrepreneurship through training and capital especially in these sectors. Small businesses in certain sectors are responsible for a greater share of employment relative to their numbers.

We invest in industrial property, so it makes sense that we help that industry and give some companies a fighting chance to grow and thrive. Though the Trebuchet Foundation we want our investors to feel and be involved in this worthy programme.

Corporate Co-Sponsors

Interested in learning how you can contribute? Contact Us

“Slingshot will have positive effects on the local economy and even international trade deficits”

Why this works

We don’t have to go across the world to invest in our future. Companies don’t change until they have to, that thinking needs to stop.  Like our innovate funds, we are leading in giving with much larger single grants to companies that anyone we know of in Canada, public or private.

We cannot help everyone but, what we can do is change some lives and make the county a better place. The companies that receive these grants are able to grow and expand their business and change and touch other lives.  Far more than just money, the slingshot training programme is a unprecedented, and is built by people that have done it, lived it, fought it and successfully sold it.  We are excited to initiate this groundbreaking programme.

Details of the Slingshot Programme

Sponsored companies will receive:

  • $50,000 a year (do not have to be a Trebuchet tenant) for 2 years
  • 1 on 1 and group talks with national business leaders, entrepreneurs on topics such as raising capital, pitching, management, tax, and finance.
  • Special focus on media training, business communication, vocal training & rhetorical skills, not taught in any university.
  • New media strategies, digital marketing, advertising.
  • Accounting, and tax strategies
  • Product development/Lean Manufacturing / rapid prototyping
  • Competitive Intelligence training
  • Interviewing and Hiring training
  • Management Skills training

To qualify applicant companies must be:

  • 3 year or older California headquartered and based manufacturing or industrial company.
  • Generate over $800k year in revenue, with positive net revenues
  • Employ more than 3 full time employees, excluding principals or board members
  • Have a board of directors with a minimum of 2 independent directors (or after accepted)
  • Have over 20 customers
  • Principals will not have been bankrupt in the last 8 years
  • American citizen must own 100% ownership

Now accepting Slingshot Programme Applicants