ESG Objectives

Trebuchet Capital Partners is a Private Equity Real Estate Platform for Trebuchet Management (TREBUCHET), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trebuchet General Partners. A critical element to the success of Trebuchet is the firm’s vertically integrated platform and niche business model, which allows Trebuchet to conduct real estate strategies on a world stage. Our foremost responsibility is to build and enhance the brand, and operate in a clear and respectful manor towards our investors to maximize returns.

We recognize, in some instances where there are environmental, social and economic implications to investments. Those cases we contemplate those opportunities regarding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). However, we remain focused on the financial implications of our decisions and laws in those countries we operate.

With clear thinking, we can take a balanced and heightened methodological framework to ESG, and balance the needs of our investors in our private equity real estate funds. Our ESG Objectives are as follows:

ESG Environmental

  • Calculating and repeatedly reporting structure energy, emissions, water usage and waste within our control, using this data to seek efficiencies across our funds. Goals are calculated at the property level and assessments made annually.
  • Researching and evaluating purchasing, building materials and techniques with the aim of building performance enhancement.
  • Evaluate energy efficiency in the planning stages, using Energy Rating frameworks such as ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and NABERS (where applicable). Pursue certification, where applicable, for eligible buildings on completion.
  • Gauging the feasibility of pursuing third-party green building certifications in regions which we are active such as LEED, BREEAM, HQE, Green Star and
  • In deregulated energy markets, if advantageous and within LPA investment criteria, engage in forward contract or caps and collars.

ESG Social

  • Vocalize and serve as an knowledge repository to our sub-contractors and material suppliers, where applicable on various sustainability
  • Encouraging and support R&D in our building materials portfolio companies in sustainability and ecological knowledge groups.
  • Providing training to our employees including ESG Objectives Private Equity Real Estate
  • Engaging with the local community on sustainability-related issues through programs in place at Trebuchet Capital Partners.

ESG Governance

Trebuchet Capital Partners Private Equity Real Estate is dedicated to the implementation of these principals and reviews them annually. The implementation of these objectives is built into our fund manufacturing and property building process.

Initiated January 2018, updated January 28th, 2021