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Are REITs Relevant? 3

Killing Us: Urban Sprawl

ban Sprawl is killing us early, keeping us unhappy and costing municipalities tens billions. Here are some ideas to help stimulate a conversation. On the table is huge savings in energy and the elimination of unnecessary infrastructure.…
Are REITs Relevant? 5

Are REITs relevant part II

Last article covered the basics of some misconceptions of REITs. In part II we address how managers "add value" and dodge restrictions imposed on them.The term "adding value" is short hand to justify management overhead. That value is…
Are REITs Relevant? 6

Are REITs Relevant?

Created in the USA during the Eisenhower era, REITs have dominated real estate investment capital and in the past have returned healthy yields. Unchanged, they were introduced to Canada in the early 90’s and have flourished in popularity.…