Trebuchet Shield Programme

We put a lot of effort into finding and source the best talent, and we expect that talent to continually evolve and grow. This is how.

The career & business landscape has never been more competitive. New graduates are being churned out in record numbers, lowering the value that degrees had, meanwhile institutions are continue to lowering the bar, flooding new students in. The result is career students and limited prospects for those who want to excel. Even as an organization the challenge to stay relevant and economically productive takes consistent effort.

To counteract this, we implemented the shield programme, to keep our employees, to continue to be the best both personally and professionally.  We believe that health, happiness and competitiveness is good for our company. We see that in retention levels and in our results.

The program is series of intensive retraining programs for experienced candidates we test for skill and proficiency levels and then customize the milestones for you. Candidates are encouraged to vocalize improvement areas and we put in some “just for fun skills” to make the programme deeply fulfilling. If you are motivated by challenge, liked to be stretched and are fast moving we encourage you to apply with us.