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Catapult Graduate Programme

Your first steps are vital to your career in Private Equity, we formulated this real estate programme specifically for new grads entering the workforce.

As a recent grad, you have all the potential in the world ahead of you. So, before you venture out into your career we want to offer you a chance to experience “new,” “different” and “challenging” right from the start. We offer both non-rotational and rotational opportunities to new grads looking for a head start in Private Equity. While non-rotational positions typically require one to three years of experience, we offer a New Grad Rotation Program that is designed to get your career onto the fast track. You get to start using your knowledge and skills as quickly as possible, so you can discover your Private Equity Real Estate passions and capabilities in a supportive environment where you can grow and learn our business.

In the program, you set goals with the help of industry veterans who will help guide you in achieving your goals. These mentors provide technical and professional support and give you an experienced perspective on how we work. And, at the end of the rotation, you will present your experience to Senior Management. It’s a chance to share your experience with people who want to champion your ideas.

New Grad Program (Finance)
•Three rotations that last a year each in Private Equity department, including Accounting, Finance, and Marketing
•Calgary based and includes a group trip to the field regularly to visit portfolio properties and speak with tenants.
•Final position dependent on interests and business need

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