A Career with Trebuchet Capital Partners

As a trusted firm, we have significant interests in developing the science of work. This means we do things differently.

Closed offices, quiet spaces to build relationships. Brushing away consultant based jargon and stressful, loud, open offices, backed by science helps us be the most productive and focus on what matters, producing world class work. Our business model is not our competitors and that attracts the brightest minds as well as develop new skills & models.

The genesis of these policies and directives encourages an inclusive culture that emanates the highest principles, proficiency & merciless commitment. We hire diversely talented individuals, with an ability to communicate an experienced, cultured world view. That agility in perception allows our people to have the adaptive flexibility to respond in a variety of environments.

Unlike most firms that draw only locally, we can draw upon talent internationally, for superior engagements and are astutely unaware of any encumbrances in doing so.

All of which are to the collective benefit to our customers and investors.

Career Openings

Trebuchet is currently accepting applications for the following open career positions in Private Equity Real Estate (PERE);


no open positions at this time


no open positions at this time

Be part of something special

  • Innovation

    We make sure that our offerings are the best available and believe that investors need to be treated fairly.

  • Well Being

    Trebuchet believes in the well-being of our team. We offer benefits to cover employees such as gym passes, personal trainers, diet and mental health advice with world class professionals.

  • Culture

    Trebuchet provides an open environment which reflects our unique culture and dynamic.

  • Creativity & Stability

    Creating an environment for our people to exceed takes time and ongoing effort and we are happy to help our people create the best work.

  • Invest for the future

    Trebuchet heavily invests in non-conflicting real estate assets and shares that profit with our employees

  • Ongoing Learning

    Cutting edge training and offbeat learning helps keep our team sharp

Experienced Professionals

Trebuchet prides itself on innovation, resourcefulness and competitiveness in all aspects of our business. We look for experienced professionals from a wide range of backgrounds that can challenge the old ways and see the future today.

Trebuchet Shield Programme

Students & Graduates

The Trebuchet Graduate Programme is designed to catapult young leaders with an outstanding opportunity to lead, innovate, develop and extend their talent. You will be working side by side with a truly global team engaged on exciting and challenging projects.

The Catapult Graduate Programme


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