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Become a Agent for a Private Equity Real Estate fund

Trebuchet private equity real estate (PERE) works together with intermediaries, and people from all avenues of life.

Learn more about the perks and compensation when you send us a deal (hint you can end up with a SUV):

Compensation Program

Quick Response

We pride in delivering quick turnarounds once a property owner introduction has been made.

Shorter Letter of intent to Closing Timeframe

Trebuchet’s remarkably effective acquisition and progressive investment process streamlines the divesture through the elimination of time delays typically found with other firms.
More importantly
, the absence of a financing contingency for transactions $22 million and under, materially shortens to acquisition time frame and helps real estate owners to get to a signed purchase and sale agreement, faster.

How You Get Paid

A straightforward introduction to a well run commercial real estate asset can be quite rewarding.

Get more information at information on our innovative Benefits Rewards Program and Compensation Program.

Click here to download our standard Confidentiality Agreement (CA) and Fee Agreement.

The Opportunity for Private Equity Real Estate Job Seekers

Private equity real estate is highly competitive and many candidates are top tier. Job seekers and new grads need to differentiate themselves.
Private Equity real estate essentially needs 2 things, capital (investment) and assets.

I challenge conventional wisdom and I continually test my limits.
-Sam Zell

The best way to gain in experience in private equity is by doing. Find us a non-realtor backed off market residential or commercial property with the ability to be re-zoned deal and get;

  • Valuable experience
  • Commission
  • Gain footing into a full time PERE associate role
  • If the property is already represented, a small commission is available

Getting the best properties at the best prices quickly is key to success.

To differentiate yourself and get into Private Equity Real Estate bring us a deal.

Find us a top tier real estate property and we will pay you, and you will immediately gain priority over other candidates for open positions within our company.