corona virus in the office

Corona Killed the Office

Here I was in my kitchen on my laptop, shorts and a t-shirt listening to the PM of St. Lucia talk from his deck in his t-shirt and shorts on a zoom meeting. At that moment, I realized the office is dead. All hail the new efficiency All hail vastly reduced corporate G&A All hail shorts and old t-shirts Death to business travel, ironing suits with hotel irons for 7am breakfast meetings Spiral interfloor staircases Paid parking spots and hour plus commutes Crappy office cappuccino makers and florescent lighting Being too hot or too cold Shoes that hurt And all that goddamn wasted time chatting From our  socially distanced masked faces and permanent Plexiglas barriers, we will remake the world with floor arrows guiding us to a new age, the age of efficiency. When the fog from wearing our masks too long starts to lift, CEOs and their CFOs will be left scratching their heads surprised they hit … Read more

Private Equity investment fund

4 Benefits of adding a Real Estate Fund to Your Portfolio

Alternative investments make up an differing verticals of investment instruments, managed futures, real estate, commodities, hedge funds, private equity, along with a growing number of other types of (often exotic and mysterious) investments. Alternative investments have grown to be increasingly popular as well as a lot of press coverage in the recent past

Limestone exterior building

New Portfolio Company

We are pleased to announce a new portfolio company, Trebuchet Homes. Working with a local home builder for several years now, we wanted to take the knowledge and lessons we learned to create a new company, focused on the higher density luxury home building space. Trebuchet homes is part our larger vertical integration strategy to lower costs of building to our real estate fund investors. Creating Trebuchet Homes has been a long time coming, years ago had looked at a 26 home development deal, but ultimately passed on the offer. The lesson learned; pick your partners, battles and investors carefully. With this new company, we attempt to solve the problem home buyers have when they decide to move. They move for 3 main reasons, better quality homes, nicer neighborhoods, and larger space. By focusing on building architecturally significant town-homes and condominiums (infill) in established areas, we open ourselves to a wide audience, and expect to be a significant … Read more

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Industrial Real Estate in 3 Trends

Industrial is going thru a big change right now, and tenants are demanding better space to stay competitive. Buildings and tenants are adopting new technology to increase efficiency. On the investment side, this is creating an environment of


Concrete Bots and Coal

The world has been built from concrete, making it the most widely used building material, for centuries. Even today, roman cement is being studied and researched because of its tremendous ability to withstand time. In it’s simplest form, concrete consists of small particles of a hard material (known as aggregate) bonded together by a cement and water, but there’s a huge amount of chemistry involved in finding exactly the right combination of ingredients. The most common form of cement is known


The Coming Industrial Robot Revolution

The opportunity to cut costs, increase efficiency in the warehouse and logistics sectors will be brought about by industrial robots, according to a new report published by a market intelligence firm, Tractica. The global market number of robots and related automation equipment is said to number 40,000. The industrial robot sector is expected to grow over

inside building construction

Over-Asking Secrets of Commercial Property Sellers

This is part of a multi article series aimed at getting the highest asking price for commercial real estate and selling it to qualified buyers the fastest. With commercial realtors collecting between 1.5% to 5% of the selling price plus expenses, its no wonder owners of commercial real estate properties are looking to cut these unnecessary transaction costs. These articles intend to show sellers how to

PE vs RE

4 Ways Private Equity is Better than Funds or REITs

Superior returns depend on 1 key ingredient. Structure.Private Equity (PE) has been returning higher yields, lower volatility, bettering Sharpe ratios across portfolios for years. For smart money managers, it’s their secret sauce. They use PE to balance their clients’ volatile equity portfolios. Pensions are placing more capital to private equity every year because of its