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South Florida residential is undervalued, and favourable state tax rates are exacerbating the affordable luxury home shortage

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We look look past the headlines where others cannot see and locate underlying trends. We back our ideas with financial discipline, superior structuring & risk mitigation. We make great companies and real estate funds. See what sets Trebuchet Capital Partners apart.

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Trebuchet Capital Partners is a Private Equity Real Estate firm pursuing thesis driven investments in real estate, construction, building materials, and healthcare. Our fundamental and proprietary research is key to our independence and investment process. We focus on the residential and commercial real estate sectors and invest in verticals and geography where strong growth fundamentals are present.

“In the analysis of the private real estate fund landscape, we found a lack of investor oversight, conflicts of interest & high fees, culminating with low returns. This strengthens my resolve to offer a better kind of real estate fund.”

– Erik Bos, Managing Partner

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